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A QUIVER CALLS presents sixteen talismans in the families: ORE, IGNEOUS and BRISTLEBONE. Handcrafted in Australia from sterling silver, porcupine quills and pink rhodolite garnets, each talisman affords its wearer a metallurgic protection.


The porcupine has long been a symbol of self-protection, having evolved a bristling coat of banded spines. What was once soft hair has become weaponised to form hardened quills, to protect this humble creature in its nighttime wanderings.


The garnet – referred to as a carbuncle in ancient times – was imbued with the powers to protect against injury and poison, being worn by healers and warriors alike. Formed in the crucible of deep Earth, the garnets imperfections became petrified, a testament to anomalous beauty. 


Like the spines on a porcupines back,

the thorns sprouting from the trunk of a honey locust tree,

and the garnet nestled in a battered amulet, 

the talismans of A QUIVER CALLS provide their wearer symbolic protection; mutants of divine defense.



Talent: Adam Zammit (@adamezammit)

Photography: Mia Rankin (@_miarankinstudio)

Styling & Art Direction: Kurt Johnson (@kurt__johnson)

Creative Direction: Hugo Vos & Harrison Pickering [Loki Patera]

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