LOKI PATERA is driven by the notion that the human body could be linked to another realm through adornment, as a talisman becomes an interlocutor between the physical-now and the imagined-then. When crafting a commission, a talisman specific only to you, we attempt to distill your notion of the imagined-then into this piece. What materials make you feel most protected ? Which ones connect you to your ancestors or your kin ? Can we salvage a gem from a family heirloom and redesign its molten shell to better adorn your body ? How will this piece sit on your body, and what will it feel like against your skin ? – as you walk ? – as you swim through a body of water ? What sort of talisman can transport you, even if for a moment, into another realm ?


If you would like to probe these questions and imagine your talisman, please fill out our commission form so we can get an idea of where to begin. 









UNTITLED  [11.2019] - A pearl once sitting in the shell of an oyster on the sea floor - stolen - . A creature reaches out of the watery depths to drag the pearl back to where it once lay. Protection Ring.  [MATERIALS] .925 sterling silver, fresh water pearl​.

NIGHTSHADE  [04.2019] - nine black pearls of protection taken from the wearers aunts old necklace, a vorpal blade dipped in datura. talisman necklace.  [MATERIALS] .925 sterling silver, Back tahitian pearls, Rhodolite pink garnet

OOTHECA  [07.2019] - 35-40 million year old fossilized resin (amber) from Hymenea protera, an extinct prehistoric tropical tree // inclusions of a winged ant from the family Ponerinae, and a worker ant // a vestigial self-defense organ thats survived Earths deep erosive capacity // a reminder of the wearers grandmother . talisman necklace.  [MATERIALS] .925 sterling silver, fossilized amber.

CAULDRON RING  [04.2019] - petroleum trapped in crystal form floating in a cauldron of viscous liquid - .  statement ring.  [MATERIALS] .925 sterling silver, petroleum Diamonds, Resin.

WANDERING ROGUE  [03.2019] - an irritation turned to nacre – alchemy in the mantle of a mollusk, beauty born from anomaly - molten silver tendrils bind the pearl and quill… - two talismans of regeneration.  necklace and earring set.  [MATERIALS] .925 sterling silver, white freshwater pearl, porcupine quill (passively collected from shed quills).

ONI  [03.2019] - an Oni mask cast from a vintage key ring toy found in Kyoto - mischievous protector-demon to grace the neck of its wearer....  .Talisman necklace  [MATERIALS] .925 sterling silver, Rhodolite Pink garnets.

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