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Jewellery has long served humans as an amuletic connection to other worlds, as a protection against harm and misfortune, and as memoryholder of moments or people departed. Across every culture, and into deep time, we have sought to adorn ourselves in these charms – the physical crystallizations of metaphysical ideas.


LOKI PATERA is a continuation of that rich tradition – of imbueing story, memory and protection into talismans and wrapping our bodies in them. Our work, when crafting a commission for you, is to translate your symbols into metallurgic form.


So then we ask – what materials make you feel most protected ? Which forms connect you to your ancestors and family ? Can we salvage a gem from a family heirloom and redesign its molten shell to better adorn your body ? How will this piece sit on your body, and what will it feel like against your skin ? – as you walk ? – as you swim through a body of water ? What sort of talisman can transport you, even if for a moment, into another realm ?




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upcycled sterling silver chains, pink tourmaline slice, blue pearl, peridot bead




What is the general process for commissioning a piece?


To begin the conversation, you can fill out the form above, or email us. Even if you would like to just find out more we are open to answering questions - you are not committed to anything by inquiring. We begin by asking who the piece is for, what are the symbols and meaning you want imbued into the piece, and what elements of our past work speak to you – a certain surface texture perhaps, or a gem set style. From there we can move forward into sketches of the design, resolving a few features and forms, along with a quote. If you are happy with the design and quote, we ask for a 25% deposit to begin work. 



How long does it normally take?


Once the deposit is received, we will work through the multiple stages of making, from carving wax (or 3D modeling), to casting, cleanup and gem-setting and patination, over a period of 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece. If you have a specific time pressure please let us know and we may be able to fast track it slightly.



Can I pay in installments?


Yes, we can work out a custom payment plan that suits you. If you want to, you can pay in installments over the several weeks that we are making your piece. Or if you prefer, you can pay the 75% remaining sum when we finish the piece. The full amount needs to be paid before we post it. 



Do I need to have a firm design idea?


No you do not. As long as you give us a general direction we are able to come up with the design. If you have a specific inspiration or feature you want incorporated we will of course accommodate this. And if you love a certain piece we have already made, let us know as this will help us understand what you want. 


We also love experimenting with new forms, materials and making processes. 



What materials can I request?


You are not limited to the materials used in our past work. As this is a bespoke piece, we are happy to source something specific for you, whether that is a symbolic gemstone, an experimental material, a found object, an insect wing etc. 


With gemstones, we are moving towards more Australian sourced material, and there are some amazing choices such as: Australian jade, chrysoprase, sapphire, prehnite, dendritic opal, hyalite opal, agate, stitchtite etc. Ask us if you want to see some options ! 


We typically work with .925 anti-tarnish silver, but are more than happy to work with 9K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, as well as brass, bronze etc. We can also do a combination of metals. 



How should I size my finger for a ring?


If you are in Australia we can post you a physical ring sizer, or you can refer to our RING SIZING highlight. For international commissions please refer to our RING SIZING highlight or visit a local jeweller to get your ring size. 

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