Nocturna Ring I


The Nocturna rings are a collection of individually unique molten bands crafted and set to match the iregularity of the Herkimer Diamond held within. 


This ring is a size US 5, if this ring is not your size please feel free to reach out to us about a custom commission or look at the other Nocturna rings.


The Herkimer Diamond ; a fragment of the night trapped in a crystalline structure -  a precious gem lying dormant when day breaks, glowing when night takes hold.  These stones, some known to glow at night, are a reminder of the world that exists beyond dusk and the creatures that call the night there day.


All components are sterling silver, and recycled silver is used whenever possible. Handcrafted in Australia




    We recommend removing your jewelry when exercising, showering or swimming, as moisture will oxidize silver and abrade gold-plating.
    Store your jewelry in a soft box or bag when not in use.
    Avoid spraying perfume or lotions on your jewelry.
    Many LOKI PATERA pieces have sharp details. Take care with eyes and children. 
    .925 sterling silver will naturally oxidize over time. Regular cleaning with a silver polishing cloth will help maintain the shine of your piece. 
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