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The ORE NECKLACE features a roughly-hewn sterling silver chunk embedded with pink rhodolite garnet; from deep earth deposits. This amulet hangs on a 45cm sterling silver faceted anchor chain.


“The garnet – referred to as a carbuncle in ancient times – was imbued with the powers to protect against injury and poison, being worn by healers and warriors alike. Formed in the crucible of deep Earth, the garnets imperfections became petrified, a testament to anomalous beauty.

Like the spines on a porcupines back,

the thorns sprouting from the trunk of a honey locust tree,

and the garnet nestled in a battered amulet,

the talismans of A QUIVER CALLS provide their wearer symbolic protection; mutants of divine defense.”


Where possible, our components and findings are made from recycled sterling silver. 


    We recommend removing your jewelry when exercising, showering or swimming, as moisture will oxidize silver and abrade gold-plating.
    Store your jewelry in a soft box or bag when not in use.
    Avoid spraying perfume or lotions on your jewelry.
    Many LOKI PATERA pieces have sharp details. Take care with eyes and children. 
    .925 sterling silver will naturally oxidize over time. Regular cleaning with a silver polishing cloth will help maintain the shine of your piece. 
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