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Jewellery has long served as an amuletic connection to other worlds, as a protection against harm and misfortune, and as memoryholder of moments or people departed. Across every culture, and into deep time, we have sought to adorn ourselves in these charms – the physical crystallizations of metaphysical ideas.


LOKI PATERA is a continuation of that rich tradition – of imbueing story, memory and protection into talismans and wrapping our bodies in them. Our work, when crafting a commission for you, is to translate your symbols into metallurgic form.


LOKI PATERA is made in Australia. We believe that onshore production is essential to supporting local economies, reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring ethical labour practices. We are intimately involved in all stages of production, from casting to polishing to packaging, and value having personal relationships with everyone we work with.


LOKI PATERA values material histories. When sourcing our materials we use recycled sterling silver wherever possible, and only source from cruelty-free suppliers. The means of material formation, both by the Earth and by human hands, imparts its subtle marks upon the the jewelry piece and the wearer.


LOKI PATERA is handcrafted. Each piece has been lovingly worked on by human hands, with a deep respect for craft and slow making. Our jewelry is made in small batches and by commission, not on an industrial scale.


LOKI PATERA is heirloom, meaning that our pieces are made to last. With the appropriate care and cleaning, as well as our repair service, any damages and oxidation can be fixed. We do not produce our jewelry in accordance with trends, or within the fashion ‘seasons’, instead drawing from the depths of our creative wells as and when it happens.


LOKI PATERA is also a LAB, dedicated to researching into existence new materials that combine ancient knowledge with experimental applications. Some of our current research includes: creating conflict-free ‘gems’ from locally harvested biomaterials and reinvigorating ancient processes such as intaglio gem carving, niello and cuttlefish casting.

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