'A Quiver Calls'    

A QUIVER CALLS presents sixteen talismans in the families: ORE, IGNEOUS and BRISTLEBONE. Handcrafted in Australia from sterling silver, porcupine quills and pink rhodolite garnets, each talisman affords its wearer a metallurgic protection.

The porcupine has long been a symbol of self-protection, having evolved a bristling coat of banded spines. What was once soft hair has become weaponised to form hardened quills, to protect this humble creature in its nighttime wanderings.

The garnet – referred to as a carbuncle in ancient times – was imbued with the powers to protect against injury and poison, being worn by healers and warriors alike. Formed in the crucible of deep Earth, the garnets imperfections became petrified, a testament to anomalous beauty.

Like the spines on a porcupines back, the thorns sprouting from the trunk of a honey locust tree, and the garnet nestled in a battered amulet, the talismans of A QUIVER CALLS provide their wearer symbolic protection; mutants of divine defense.



A note from our quill supplier – “All our quills have been obtained through legal measures from dead porcupines or quills that have fallen out naturally. We do not kill the porcupine just for the quills.” Porcupines naturally shed quills, like we shed hairs, making it easy for them to be collected and sold without any harm to the animal.

photo Mia Rankin, styling Kurt Johnson, model Adam Zammit

bristlebone talisman

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'a  quiver  calls'