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The MAIDENSFANG EARCUFF is handmade in small batches in our Sydney studio, cast from sterling silver. An orbit of armour for the ear, bearing the energy of a scorpion or spider mother. A healer, a bearer, but also necessarily a protector armed with poison lance. Her orbit is helicoidal – both cyclical and evolutionary she pierces the membrane of the mundane…


The gold version is bathed in three layers of hard gold plating

To put this piece on, slip the opening of the earcuff over the top of your ear where it is thinnest. Slide the cuff down to sit in the conch as pictured. It can be worn in both directions, with the spike coming from behind or in front, stacked with other earrings for a heavily adorned ear, and even worn as a marching pair for symmetry sake. 


WEIGHT – 4.6g

DIMENSIONS – 32 x 20 x 5mm 

MATERIALS – .925 sterling silver (/+ triple hard gold plating) 


[SILVER] .925 sterling silver will naturally oxidize over time. Regular cleaning with a silver polishing cloth will help maintain the shine of your piece.