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The PETALURA EARRINGS are handmade in small batches in our Sydney studio, cast from 100% recycled sterling silver. They can be worn by themselves or stacked with a second tier of earrings such as the Termite Poem Earrings or Maidensfang Earcuffs. 
The PETALURA EARRINGS get their namesake from Petalura gigantea, the giant dragonfly commonly found in wingecarribee swamp and nearby marshlands — near our second residency site for ‘…and then the water whispered’ collection. This ancient bog dweller is a relic of Gondwanan times, a watery denizen and omen bringer 


"fin-tipped and foraging, divining rods of swell and salt dance through currents

the sails of an ancient vessel, boned and taught..."




MATERIAL – 100% recycled sterling silver (925)

WEIGHT – 9g (pair)